Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Voyages in grim dark deep space...

I've been a fan of Battlefleet Gothic for a long time, but only possessed a very small Imperial Fleet. So when I heard the (confirmed) rumours that GW was ending all support for their Specialist Games (except Bloodbowl) I quickly purchased all that I felt was missing from a true Imperial Fleet. Alas, I was too slow to get some important pieces (no Battleships for me :'( ), but I was still able to secure a handsome flotilla.

I've decided to split my fleet into three battle-groups, each with a different colour scheme. I present to you the first of them, my scout force!
My two Dauntless Class Light Cruisers, one with lance the other with torpedoes. I want to give them names that reflect how they are sister ships, but am drawing a blank for the moment.

The first of my Cobra Class Destroyer squadrons.

The complete Scout Force, primed and ready to gather some reconnaissance (and blow up some traitor scum while they are at it!).

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