Wednesday, 21 December 2016

New Kings of War Project - Elves of Therennia Adar

I've finally finished the first unit for my new KoW army, a regiment of Tallspears for a Sea Kindred elven host.

Multi-basing is so satisfying, it adds a whole new (very fun) element to the hobby. Here are some more shots of the battle-ready elves facing off against some of my brother's goblin rabble:

So these are of course the discontinued High Elf Spearmen from GW rather than Mantic elves. This is because, while building my Skaven army, I had always planned to follow up with High Elves, and had gone ahead and bought everything for the army. When the great betrayal came they were all still untouched in their boxes, so I figured I'd embrace the elf sub-faction that most resembled GW's Ulthuan elves in the Mantica setting, the Sea Kindred.

I have the paint plan for this army all mapped out; I'm going to start with the goofy 6th Ed Fantasy sculpts (are they supposed to be wearing clown shoes?) and then get to the sweet, sweet Isle of Blood minis. From 500pts onward through 250pt increments my brother and I will play a narrative escalation campaign, hopefully with batreps.

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