Sunday, 26 February 2017

Second Elf Unit Finished - Kindred Archers

It has taken time, patience, and an ever-growing loathing for painting white, but I have my second elven unit(s) finished - two troops (or one regiment) of Kindred Archers:

These are the old GW elf archers. They are nice models I think, and it's great to be able to position them so they are all firing together in the same direction, which was pretty hard to do when they were all on 20mm bases.

Part of the plan is to follow the way list construction works in KoW to determine the order I paint; so since I now have a regiment of Tallspears and two troops of Kindred Archers I can paint up a hero, as I have both unlocked it in the list building sense as well as earned it, I feel, in the painting sense. So should have another update soon, and after that maybe a small batrep with my steadily expanding host.

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