Friday, 29 December 2017

Enter the Deadzone!

Squad N17 "The Renegades"
This Christmas, after over a year of gazing longingly at the world of Deadzone/Warpath, my brother and I went from pressing our faces up against the glass to stepping through the door - we gifted ourselves to the starter set.

Our plan had always been to get the whole box painted up asap, and from boxing day to the 29th we were hard at work. Speed painting, something far outside my comfort zone, was the name of the game. We hit the terrain with a light grey undercoat and then covered it all with GW's Nuln Oil wash. Against this run-down, monochromatic backdrop we decided to make our factions stand out with a kind of classic video game "red vs blue" approach. I took the Enforcers and (in a total betrayal my blog's name) sprayed them with Army Painter Dragon Red primer, followed by an orange drybrush and a GW Carroburg Crimson wash.

Mercenary Clan "The Azure Sons"
For the Forge Fathers, my brother used Army Painter Ultramarine primer, drybrushed Lothern Blue, and then followed with a Drakenhoff Nightshade wash.

While I did feel a little sad at points not to be giving the models the attention I feel they deserve, the final effect of our two squads on the board was worth it. And, unlike my current Kings of War project (which is now over a year old and STILL NOT NEARLY READY,) I actually got to play some games with them! Paint to play is clearly the only way forward for some projects, although I would like to go the whole hog with another Deadzone faction at some point in the future.

Oh, and speaking of future, Warpath is another game I definitely hope to get in on one day, and with that in mind I made sure to start some long term preparation of my Enforcers:

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