Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Well, it took longer than I thought it would (while at the same time I did less with it than I could have) but its done and I'm pleased with how it has turned out.

The model mainly consisted of painting two types of materials, ie metal and wood, neither of which I'm particularly comfortable with. However the new Balthasar Gold was a big help, it went on like a dream. I shudder to think about what a nightmare it would have been to get a consistent base coat down with the old range!

Another big help was the guide over at chatteringhorde.blogspot.co.uk . With bigger models like this I never have any idea where to start and the clearly laid out guide was a godsend. He has loads of other Skaven guides, check them out!

Also this is my first Skaven model where I used Agrax Earthshade instead of Devlan Mud, and I have to say that despite some of the things I have read about the new liquid talent I think it looks pretty good, yes it is different from Devlan Mud but its not bad different imo. The hint of green in it actually gave a subtle verdigris effect on the gold areas (hard to see in the pics) but just came up brown on the silver areas.

Anyway, time to get to work on those 80 clanrats and 40 slaves giving me evil glares from the worktop. I expect my next post won't be for a while... :)

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