Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More Clanrats, BSB w.i.p.

Just got done with another 20 clanrats with spears, which completes a unit of 40. I'm planning on mostly just using this unit as a bunker for my Grey Seer.

Also apologies for any blur in these pics, I'm still getting used to the camera I'm using.

As a break before I get started on another 20 (I dunno about anyone else, but painting these guys gets old fast) I've started working on my BSB, built from the stormvermin kit and doomwheel banner, with the mutilbanner inspired by Kimzi's fantastic BSB. In fact now that I look at it again I think the general feel of my BSB is going to be pretty similar, I think it inspired me more than I realised!

This model may prove a challenge as my freehand skills leave much to be desired, but as the internetz would say, challenge accepted!

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