Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Progress Report #1

In the next few days I'll be going far, far away from my hobby table for a while, so I really wanted to get my remaining 60 clanrats finished before then. Alas, I was only able to get them up to a minimum tabletop standard (base coloured, washed, some details and based). However this is still a good point to take stock of how I'm progressing so far and what I still have to do. So on to the pictures!

"Capture the Football/Soccer field we must, quick-quick!"

The first three pics show everything which is completely done, and in last pic you can see the two minimum standard units on either side. I hope you'll all agree that from this distance they are fine, I'll of course show them in more detail when there is more detail to show!

Still to do:

Finish 60 Clanrats, 1 WFT.
3 Warlock Engineers (1 with Brass Orb, 1 Doom Rocket).
23 Stormvermin.
40 Slaves.
2 Giant Rat Darts.
4 Rat Ogres.

So lots to go, but I feel like I'm about halfway through now. Anyway, that's gonna be it from me for a while, later!

1 comment:

  1. Who would have thought such a terrifying bunch of rats could look so damn pretty! Looking fantastic, can't wait to see the completed horde of slaves